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High Performance monograde oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Specially developed for off-road vehicles. Depending upon manufacturer regulation also in other aggregates applicable.




TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 is used for the necessary streamlining of lubricants, above all for vehicle and equipment fleets. The right engine oil is available with TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40. Whether continuously at full throttle or in STOP and GO operation, TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 protects against wear, deposits and corrosion all the time with the lowest oil consumption. Another important point for use in practice: engines lubricated with TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 have no sacrifices in performance because of unallowable deposits in the combustion chambers. TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 provides for proper function of hydraulic valve lifters (hydraulic valve compensation) even during extended oil change intervals. Application Under normal usage conditions, in properly maintained engines, the performance capability of the TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 additives makes possible oil and filter change intervals up to 30,000 km and/or 500 operating hours. We will be happy to provide information on the possible programming of oil and filter change intervals for specific cases. The viscosity recommendations on page 3 have been tested for Central European climate conditions; please note the manufacturer’s viscosity recommendations. TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils. However, mixing with other engine oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN UNIVERSAL HD 40.


For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet. Advantages/Benefits • No residue in the combustion chambers, on valve and piston or on exhaust gas turbines of turbochargers • active over the long term and makes possible the full utilization of the oil and filter change intervals • offers the lowest oil consumption


- Approvals


• DEUTZ DQC I-02 • MB-APPROVAL 228.2 • MB-APPROVAL 235.12 • MTU DDC TYPE 2 • ZF TE-ML 04B (ZF001190)


FUCHS Recommendations • ACEA E2 • API CF-2/CF-4/SG • MIL-L-2104 D • ALLISON C-4 • CAT TO-2 • MAN 270 • ZF TE-ML 02C

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