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STABYL LT 50, 30X400GR

STABYL LT 50, 30X400GR



Synthetic oil-based, lithium-soap special grease


Performance Features

  • temperature range: -50 / +130 °C short-term up to +150 °C
  • good adhesion
  • thermally and mechanically stable
  • protects against corrosion
  • water-resistant, even to salt water
  • good pumpability at all temperatures
  • good work stability, even in difficult operating conditions
  • good elastomer compatibility



STABYL LT 50 is a synthetic oil based, adhesive, naturally-coloured grease containing lithium soap. It is designed for lifetime lubrication, even at low temperatures.



Field of application

STABYL LT 50 is used for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings, which are subject to low temperatures, high loads, temperature fluctuations and difficult environemental conditions, as for instance in general engineering, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, construction machinery and automobile industry.



Method of application

Apply STABYL LT 50 manually with grease guns or via centralized lubrication systems.




STABYL LT 50 fulfils the specification for low-temperature greases TL-VW 778, version A.STABYL LT 50 also meets the specifications for hydraulic shovels of KOMATSU MINING GERMANY, formerly Mannesmann-Demag Baumaschinen.In addition it is approved by Rothe Erde GmbH for the greasing of large roller bearings.

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