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RENOLIN DTA 2 ( Erstatter Spinway XA 2 )


Highly ageing-resistant, zinc- and ash-free spindle oil, lubricating oil




RENOLIN DTA 2 was developed for use in rapidly rotating spindles of machine tools or grinding machines. RENOLIN DTA 2 is a zinc- and ash-free spindle oil based on selected mineral oils together with additives to improve the ageing stability and corrosion protection. Due to the specific combination of base oils and additives, RENOLIN DTA 2 has excellent air release properties and a low foaming tendency. At high rotating speeds RENOLIN DTA 2 is able to build a stable lubricating film. The additives are zinc- and ash-free, and they protect the spindle bearing materials (e.g. yellow metal material, steel, cast iron) in the application. RENOLIN DTA 2 has excellent demulsifying properties and separates water rapidly.




RENOLIN DTA 2 can be used as a universal spindle oil (without AW/EP requirements) in rapidly rotating spindles. RENOLIN DTA 2 was successfully tested and approved in Landis Lund grinding machines, machine tools (Landis Lund, UK).




• Excellent air release • Low foaming • High ageing stability • High oxidation stability • Excellent corrosion protection • Zinc- and ash-free

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