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1L AKCELA DOT 4 FLUID  (Ryddesalg)

1L AKCELA DOT 4 FLUID (Ryddesalg)

DESCRIPTION Synthetic base Brake Fluid for Agricultural Machines and Earth Mover Machines Braking Systems.


● High boiling point. This prevents "vapour lock" phenomenon (presence of vapour bubbles in the braking circuit).
● Low flowing point fluid for use in the low environmental temperatures.
● Excellent properties against corrosion, rust and oxidation processes for protection of components (metal and non metal) composing the system.
● High compatibility with caoutchouc material and gaskets.
● High chemical stability for ensuring inalterability in the most severe conditions of thermal stress. ADVICE ON USE Replacement procedures must be performed in accordance with Manufacturer's indications and in any case every year at least.



SAE J1703, SAE J1704, ISO 4925 Class 4, FMVSS 116 - DOT4, ENSAYOS INTA - UNE 26-109-88

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