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When it comes to quality..

On February 18, 2021, the Mars Perseverance Rover made its successful landing on the Red Planet, and along with barrier film from Fuchs New Lubricants.

Mars Perseverance Rover


Supplier of products from Fuchs Petrolub, Mobil, Shell, Eni and Corrosion Free.

We work for a quick and easy trade in lubricants and related products.

With several good brands in the range, we can deliver products for your purpose more quickly. We have several supplementary warehouses from Kristiansand to Tromsø where we can also offer delivery of goods to companies.

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CASSIDA offers the most comprehensive range of lubricants for any application within the food industry and related areas.

All CASSIDA products are NSF registered, and the facilities that manufacture CASSIDA are certified to ISO 21469. Kosher and Halal certifications are available as proof that the lubricants meet the religious and legal requirements that Muslim and Jewish customers place on foodstuffs .

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